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Part 1.

Stanza A!

So – This new book. It will start here.
Yes. It will start and continue on.
From here it will find a foothold and
continue a journey. It starts in a
hollow. A little void in a big place of
something -natural. Organically
something will grow from this void to
assimilate to the culture around. And
into this void reception is made by all
the chaos around it. From here an
assembly of structures will be told in
detail about the nature of this void,
where it directs the constructs of its
environment and why it decides to work
like a machine the way it achieves it’s
primary goals. The void in this story
could be anything. and maybe thats how
it’s to be written, following through
in suit with such an abstract
beginning, maybe the journey may also
be that of formless evolution. an idea,
acceptance of itself to promote
wholesome growing, thereby creating the
tools to manage working into the
culture, seeds to sew and roots to
ground itself in the history of a
particular time. And in particular
creating itself a structure to evolve
the environment as it establishes
itself an order to thereby goal set and
redefine the best healthiest process of
organizing multiple entities. passion
not resistance logic with
acknowledgment of chaos and interest in
balance as well as discord.
Redefining evolution into much more
than species or ideas, but evolution of
life to multiple itself wholely with
benefit to surroundings and beings in

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This is a finished cut & tied string dangling onto this time by a thread of appreciation and satisfaction

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